Part: ED15100 BH LM1
Voltage: 115
Amperage: 15A
Configuration: Bowl-Hopper
Control Board: #22 Photoelectric Timer
Sensor Option: Single Track, Thru-Beam Eyes
Bowl Level Control: LM1CC 120V Level Master
List Price: 2040.00

Click to see electrical and mechanical details of the ED15100BHLM1 (BOWL-HOPPER w/#22 PECO Single Track, Thru-Beam Eyes, Level Master)

Click to see the #22 Board (Photoelectric Timer) Data Sheet
Click to see details of the Level Master – Bowl Level Control


  • NEMA 1 Rating
  • 6063T5 – Aluminum Extruded Housing
  • 6-FT Grounded Power Cord
  • 6-FT Cables on Thru-Beam Eyes
  • Grounded Receptacles
  • 115 Volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Full Wave / Half Wave Switch Selectable
  • Easy Access to Fuse Holder
  • Enable Inputs
  • Custom Labeling Available
  • OEM Pricing Available
  • Call for Custom Configurations


  • 12-FT Cables on Thru-Beam Eyes
  • 18-FT Cables on Thru-Beam Eyes