The design of a Bryant control consists of two basic components, the Triac Assembly and the Trigger Board.  trigger_boardsOne of the two standard types of Trigger Boards will be mounted directly behind the control knob and one of the two standard types of Triac Assemblies will be mounted on a flat aluminum area to promote heat dissipation.


If a control seems to be running “full on” and turning the control knob has no effect, it is possible the Triac Assembly has failed.  When a triac fails, it almost always fails in the conducting “full on” mode.

A simple way to verify that a Triac Assembly needs to be replaced is to remove the cover and temporarily disconnect anything connected to the J1 terminals on the Trigger Board. j1_jumper_removed If the output of the control is still “full on ” after removing the J1 jumper or any other device connected to the J1 terminals, the Triac Assembly is defective and will have to be replaced.